Sarah Cave Ceramics

Elements from the natural world are

hinted at in my work, though it has

derived from a mix of influences

collected, combined and re-formed in

my imagination.


Unlikely marine flora and fauna, as

well as “finds” deposited by the tides

on Queensland and British beaches,

collected over many years, merge with

Antoni Gaudi’s distillations of natural

forms, which was the highlight of my

visit to Barcelona.  These images are

further “deranged” by a life-long

fascination with the unearthly flora

and fauna of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights.


                                           I have attempted to synthesise some

                                           of the variety, colour and limitless

                                           possibilities of these influences to

                                          create my own “unearthly” works of

                                          fantasy with, I hope, a flavour of

                                          mystery and perhaps even occasional



This is the focus and purpose of my current work and what you will mainly see on this website.



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Sarah Cave Ceramics

fine art clay sculpture